Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much notice do you require?

As much as possible. In general, we require 3 weeks’ notice, but if you’re working to tighter deadlines, it may be possible to fit you in with less notice. Please contact us with your enquiry and we’ll let you know.

Q. Do you have a price list?

We have a basic price list based on a cake covered with icing, a simple message and a board and box. After that it varies depending on decoration, please get in touch for a quote. Please see our price guide here.

Q. What cake flavours do you have?

The main ones are vanilla, Belgian chocolate and rich fruit. We also have espresso coffee, carrot, red velvet and zesty lemon and are open to requests on other specific flavours you may require.

Q. What allergies and dietary requirements do you cater for?

Nut, gluten, lactose, eggless, vegan and halal. If you have any concerns about other allergies that cake may trigger please discuss this with us and we will inform you.

Q. What cake sizes do you do?

We mainly use 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 inches, but we can also do all sorts of odd sizes and shapes as per your requests.

Q. How long will the cake keep?

Most cakes will be fresh for anything between 7-10 days. This is determined by the ingredients and flavours used and the environment it is kept in, we will provide more information during the booking stage.

Q. How do I choose and order my cake?

We welcome email requests but prefer to go through a physical order over the phone or in person to make sure all important details are discussed and clarified to ensure your cake is perfect.

Q. How do I store my cake

Unless it is fresh cream cake always at room temperature out of sunlight and not in the fridge.