Making of: Jabba The Hutt Cake

Recently we were tasked with an exciting cake project, to create a Jabba The Hutt birthday cake. We’re big fans of Star Wars and couldn’t wait to get started on recreating a 600 year old, half toad, half Cheshire Cat like crime lord out of sponge and icing.

We thought it would make an interesting blog post to share with you how we made this Star Wars birthday cake, so here it is. Enjoy!

Stage 1 – Bake & Shape

Once baked the cake is sliced, filled with jam and our vanilla frosting then carved into shape.

Stage 2 – Apply Sugarpaste Base Coat

The cake is covered in sugarpaste, in the base colour of Jabba the Hutt

Stage 3 – Sculpt & Shape

His head is fashioned out of our marshmallow/rice crispie mix. We cover with sugarpaste and attach to the body with Royal icing and use plastic dowling for support. Then we sculpt the face and add arms, rolls of skin and texture to the body (all sugarpaste).

Stage 4 – Airbrush to Add Definition

We airbrush him, starting with yellow as the base coat. Then brown, and finally a green top coat where required.

Stage 5 – Finish with Sugarpaste Detailing

We add the eyes, and eye lids, made from sugarpaste. Then cover the board for the final effect and pipe clusters of stars and there you have it, a life like Jabba The Hutt birthday cake for the number 1 Star Wars fan!

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